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While the webMethods Broker may not run out of storage very often, it can happen. And if you’re like me, it will happen on a day when you just don’t have the resources to fumble through a new rarely used procedure. So when that rare day comes and you need that rare procedure, here’s what to do.

First check client queues via MWS (My webMethods) to see if any are full up and can be cleared of ‘junk’ documents. If not, proceed to the commands below.

The broker will need to be stopped for this procedure. In the example below, the broker storage file was increased from 8G to 16G (max size is 32G). The Software AG Broker Admin Guide also has the following information.

From broker server’s OS command line:
**(make sure to use your specific install location – /opt/wm is where this broker was installed on a linux server)**

Stop the broker:

Make sure it has stopped:

Increase Storage: (below is one long command, mind the spaces and formatting)
/opt/wm/Broker/bin/server_config storage /opt/wm/Broker/data/awbrokers90/default -session_data qs -qs_storage_file /opt/wm/Broker/data/awbrokers90/default/BrokerData.qs.stor 16G 16G

Start it again: (may take longer as the storage file grows)

Check the status:

Assuming you have a pretty good working knowledge of how and where your broker is installed, you should be back in business after all this. If not, the error messages should be telling. Most commonly, you may not have enough disk space, the correct install location, and/or elevated permissions.


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